Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 70 Day of Rest

Well, I may not have completed the challenge in 100 consecutive days, but I am not giving up. School is over, we had a vacation last week and it's time to begin again. I am going to start in the kitchen and out pantry tomorrow.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 58 ~ 69 Clutter Challenge

I have over committed for the month of May so something had to give and it was the 100 Day Challenge, but it's not over yet. My children were in a play, they started playing softball and I started working a seasonal job. I was also quite overwhelmed with where to start in my daughters room. This was my husband's solution carry everything out and put it in the living room to sort. Happy Sorting!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 57 ~ Sorting Kids Bath and Daughter's Room

Today's Assignment Daughters /Room~ Clean out from under the Bed

Today's Assignment Bathroom ~ Clean out closet

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 56 ~ Daughters Bedroom and Upstairs Bath

I see problems already, a broken towel bar and water damage on the vinyl. There is one sink that doesn't work.

This has been a catch-all closet for blankets, sleeping bags, winter boots and gloves.

A tween lives here. I can't blame her, I didn't lead by example. She is my packrat. She doesn't like to get rid of anything and if she wants to play with a toy someone else has, you can probably find it under her bed.

It is a small room, 9x10. We are going to do our best to get it back to where she can manage it.
She has sliding glass doors in her room. My husband wanted to remove the glass doors because they spill cold and heat into the house. The partition you see in the picture above is the bay window my husband built 2 years ago. It has been in her room because there is never a good time to remove sliding glass doors and put in a bay window. We have some decisions to make.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 55 ~ Day of Rest

Today, We went to church and spent time with the family. 23 members of our church went on a Mission Trip to Nicaragua. They hosted a Crusade in Victoria Field for about 10,000 people. They had many people give their lives to the Lord.

Our church is also building an orphanage and radio tower. They have 16 orphans they are helping. When the building is finished they will be able to help more. The radio tower is up, but they need to build a building to house the equipment and a room for someone to always stay there and guard. Our vision is to have messages from the US translated and broadcasted over the airways to the Miskito Indians along the Rio Coco River. They have their own language and don't speak Spanish. While there, they came in contact with a young Miskito Indian that went to the University and can translate all messages for them. Isn't God good.

Day 53 & 54 ~ Back To Work

I have a seasonal job at a Berry Farm that started this week. Yay! Strawberries are in. Day 53 and 54 I did nothing but work on my feet. It is nice to be outside working with the public, but boy do my feet hurt :)

Day 52 ~ Clutter Challenge

All Shined Up!
Shine is giving your area a deep cleaning. When you deep clean, you find things that may be improved upon or need to be fixed. I thing this bathroom is in good working order.
  • I started at the top and cleaned all the corners for webs.
  • Cleaned the mirror
  • Cleaned the sink
  • Cleaned the drawers and under the cabinets
  • Wiped the cabinets down
  • Wiped the door and window frames 
  • Wiped the light switch and door knob
  • Cleaned the toilet and tank
  • Wiped the baseboards
  • Mopped the Floor
To clean, I use Green Works when I can or Vinegar and Baking Soda. For tougher stains I'll use 409 or Comet. I love the micro-fiber clothes. For the mirror, I spray with Windex and use a dry wash cloth to clean it. I found it leaves fewer streaks than a wet cloth or paper towel.

I have a shelf I am going to hang, but need to get the matching hardware. I will post complete pictures as soon as I get my curtain hung. I am not going to label anything in this bathroom. Under the cabinet is for toilet paper and beach/swim towels and pool bag. Everything should be there and ready to go when the pools open up.