Saturday, March 31, 2012

Master Bedroom 5s System COMPLETE ~ Day 34

These are before pictures to remind you where I came from

Before ~ Corner

Before ~ Dresser

Before ~ Night Stand

It is Clean and I am finished! I even made an attempt  to decorate. There are a few family pictures and shelves on the wall

After ~ TV corner

After ~ Other Side of the Room. I still have my preschoolers dresser, but it's easier on me for the time being.
  THREE WEEKS and it's finished.
Here is the 5s System at work.
1st S ~ Sort : I pulled everything out from under the bed, 
2nd S ~ Straighten or Visualize : I want to move the bookcase out, maybe move around some furniture and put some pictures on the wall.
3rd S ~ Shine : I cleaned by the ceiling with a covered broom, cleaned the ceiling fan, the large glass door, polished the furniture, cleaned the baseboards and vacuumed the floors. 
4th S ~ Systemize : I labeled the under bed totes for easy access.
5th S ~ Sustain : I have a picture in my 5S Housekeeping Binder that will hold me accountable to how the Master Bedroom should look and a schedule for regular cleaning

  The worst, packed room in the house in order. My hotspots are staying clean because I am continuing with my 5th S ~ Sustain. Wow, It feels so good to walk in my clean room. You know how it feels when you conquer a goal you've set. I had to attack in little bites, sometimes only 15 -20 minutes a day. You can do anything for 15 min.
  Do you have an organizational goal that you just haven't been able to get to? Start today by just doing it for 15 minutes. Before you know it, you will be finished. Small steps, goal completed.
  How are you coming with the 100 Day Clutter Challenge? Link up. I'd love to see it.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 32 and 33 ~ Enjoying Springtime

I have been spending too much time inside. I am taking a break. I'll be enjoying my family and the great outdoors. This challenge is a huge undertaking, but I think I am working at a great pace to take a couple of days to do nothing.

Day 31 ~ Last Day of Shining Master Bedroom

Well, it's clean from ceiling to floor.
My vacuum, that was a 17 yrs. old, died. It is convenient to be bagless but I am not sure I like it as much.  I am taking a few days off until Sat. I need my husband's vision for our room and he hasn't been available. I'll show you "The Notebook" soon. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 30 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Shine Glass Door

Today, I "Shined" the sliding glass doors in my Master Bedroom.

  • First, I start at the top, so the dirt can fall to the floor. I wipe across the top with a micro-fiber cloth and down the sides of the door frame.
  •  Next, I spray the window with window cleaner from top to bottom. I use a dry towel to wipe it clean. You can use a squeegee to dry off any leftover wetness. 
  • If you have any tough places to clean, you made need to use a razor blade to scrape it off.
  •  I wipe the cleaner off the bottom of the door. I have a little deck through this door so I repeat the process on the outside.
  • Now for the track the door slides in. I had some gunk in my track, so I started with the vacuum and the skinny attachment.
  •  Next, I used a micro-fiber cloth to attract the little stuff.
  •  Finally, I used a Q-tip to get in the tight corners.
  •  I read if you use a waterproof sliding door sealant or WD40, the door will slide smooth.
  •  If your door doesn't slide smooth, you may need to replace the track wheels, they may be worn out. 
Tomorrow, I am going to polish the furniture and vacuum the floors. I will probably have to wait until this weekend to move furniture with my husband. Then, the grand complete picture.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 29 of the 100 Day Clutter Challenge ~ Shine My Room

   Remember this little, micro-fiber covered guy. Yes, I started "Shining" from the top. I swirled around the ceiling and corners with this little broom number. I used a micro-fiber cloth to clean the tops of the door frames and my ceiling fan. I found a site that keeps all the dust to a minimum at Family Balance using a pillow case. Before I found her site, I used a cleaner and a soft cloth. I just climbed on my bed to reach it, but be careful if you need to use a step ladder or chair.
Ceiling Fan Tips:
* Never spray anything directly on the blades. It could float into the motor and ruin your ceiling fan. Your ceiling fan will run better if you have a weekly/bi-weekly cleaning.

*Thick dust can put a strain on your motor.

*Don't forget your light fixtures. You can even remove your motor casing and vacuum around the gears.

*You can vacuum the blades with an attachment if your hose is long enough. Please don't carry your vacuum up a step ladder.

*To protect your blades from dust, you can apply a hard car wax.

Tomorrow, I am moving on down the walls and attacking the large glass doors. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 28 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Day Of Rest

If I take my daughter to a "See what college life is like" weekend, then I'm going to have to pick her up :) After church this morning, we drove a couple hours to pick her up. She had a great time and says she has motivation to finish school now. I hope this spark lasts and I don't have to stay on her to finish her homework :)

Day 27 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bedroom - 2 Weeks Later

This is my before picture
And this is how it looks now.

Everything that isn't supposed to be in this room, has been removed.

Hotspots are clear and will stay that way.
Two Weeks...Two Weeks but "Sorting" is finally done. It has been a "Labor of Love". My room feels huge. I never got a chance to Shine (3rd S) this weekend and I am still talking to my husband about "Standardizing or Visualizing"(2nd S) how we want our room to look. We will pinpoint where we want everything moved to but I am going to start shining tomorrow. I start cleaning from top to bottom. I have sliding glass doors in the room so I will give you tips on cleaning large glass doors and the yucky tray it slides on. I still need to figure out what to do with my preschoolers dresser, he still has a habit of just throwing his things on the floor, so it may need to stay in my room a little longer. I also have a rebounder that I am not sure what to do with. It may fit in the closet. I'll check and see.
Let's see how far you are on your 100 Day Clutter Challenge.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 26 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ My Husband has Power Tools

I came home to find power tool on my floor.
A new, homemade cabinet at the foot of my bed
and the cabinet from the back of my closet, in my bathroom.
Now, I could get upset about this, but hopefully at the end of his project, he is adding to the vision for our room that we came up with, Hopefully. I have a few more piles to "Sort" through and then start "Shining" if my husband is out of my way :)

Day 25 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Road Trip

You can't get anything done if you aren't at home to do it :) My daughter went to a college weekend and I was the chosen parent to take her. She is having a lot of fun and I will start again tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 24 ~ Clutter Challenge

                                      Sustain, Sustain, Sustain: This where the 5th S comes in, in the 5s system of housekeeping, Sustain.

 This first picture shows my original problem, laying stuff on flat surfaces. I have learned my lesson though. I know what is supposed to be on my dresser and before I go to bed those are the only things that will be on there.  Fifth S ~ Sustain, completed

The second picture is what I finished sorting today. We use a corner desk as a TV stand. I want to replace it with a buffet size table with storage underneath for games and videos. And, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that is a regular, old-fashioned TV. We have one in our living room also. My philosophy is, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I do keep my eyes on the flat screens and the price continues to fall, but I'm fine for now. You may also be thinking, why do they have a TV in the bedroom anyway. I think it's a rule in a marriage guide book that you aren't supposed to have one. My husband had a hernia surgery when we first moved here and that's where he did his recuperating. Then, I got pregnant a month later and spent my first trimester in the bedroom and the bathroom, yeh, it was that bad. Anyway, it is still there, right, wrong or indifferent.

I still have some totes to go through, but I think I am ready to move some furniture and do some Deep "Shining" this weekend. Can't Wait!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 23 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Still in the Master Bedroom

This is it for today. My husbands bedside table. I sorted what was on it, first S. I visualized or Straightened what he wanted on his table, second S. I'll shine with the rest of the room, since it will be so easy to move 5 things out of the way. Tuesday's have turned out to be one of the busiest days of the week, but I got another thing done. It's a good day.

Monday, March 19, 2012

My 1st Money Maker ~ Consignment Sale

Whenever I am going through clothes, I always think to myself, is there anyone this size I can bless. If there isn't anyone, I set it aside. Iif it's in good condition, I put it aside for a consignment sale. Our local area has 3 or 4 running twice a year. The one I like to go to was last weekend. When the consignment sale is over, the churches pick a few ministries and donate what they have left. They usually contact women's shelters or crisis pregnancy centers. It is a continuing blessing.

 For best results:
Follow their rules of pinning and tagging and which direction your hangers should face
Make sure your items are stain-free
Items are freshly washed and pressed
Items have all the pieces or are marked with anything that may be missing
Give yourself enough time to sort and pin

Our sale offers a higher percentage of sales to keep if you volunteer for 3-4 hours. I love to work there as a cashier. I have met a lot of real nice ladies. As a volunteer, I also get to shop early, but I usually wait for the 1/2 price sale at the end of the day. In my case, I usually break even since I am buying for 5 children. I look forward to it every season.

As you are sorting, keep a consignment sale for your area in mind and make a little extra money.

Day 22 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Still In The Master Bedroom

Hot Spot Dresser ~ Taken care of

Bookcase ~ You're out of there. JJ's dresser going upstairs soon.
So, I have taken care of the right side of my room and under my bed, for the most part. I am still trying to figure out what to do with the tote of frames and pictures in the floor. Tomorrow, the left side of the room. I'm still "Sorting", a long time for the first S but I want to do it right. I haven't even started "Straightening" or visualizing how I want the room. How can I with so much stuff in the way.

Tomorrow, I am going to go sort through videos, TV stand and husband's bedside table. He has a tote of Flying magazines he needs to go through, but I know he doesn't want to get rid of any of them. I am going to try and get him to see it my way. :o)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 21 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Day of Rest

   Spending the day in church and with family. I was asked to teach our Jesus Little Lambs class, 18m - 6yrs. We have a relatively small church, about 150 members. I had 16 children and 1 helper. We studied a little about St. Patrick's Day, since it was yesterday. We studied St. Patrick's life and how he used the Shamrock to explain the Trinity. God is 3 persons in one, like there are three leaves on 1, 3-leaf clover. We sang a little song and went on a treasure hunt, to get out some energy and then it was time to be picked up.
   I am staying in the Master Bedroom this week. I have 3 more "hotspots" (flat surfaces) to clear up. I am still "Sorting". Next, is Straightening or visualizing where I want my furniture. I have a long rectangle room, but not very wide. I am hoping to get a bookcase, preschoolers dresser and corner desk out of my room and move my bed and dresser around. Then, the big "Shine".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 20 ~ Clutter Challenge Catch-up on Bathroom and Hot Spots

Freshly Painted Bathroom. I know it still looks white, but it is Antique Lace and it looks great.

This Bathroom is still a work in progress. I threw out a lot but decided I wanted to get to other areas and waiting for my ideal storage was holding me back. So, I organized with what I had and I'm moving on. I'll keep my eye out for something better.

Very few things in the drawers. They are so small, I didn't bother with separators.

I wanted to set towels and wash clothes in baskets, but haven't found any large enough for towels that are a decent price. Yard sales are starting soon, so I'll look then.
The only thing left to do in the Bathroom is find a curtain for the window, a shelf for the wall, towel holder on the back of the door and maybe a picture.

I was also able to Sort, Straighten and Shine one of my "hot spots", the top of my dresser. I have decided what items are at home on my dresser and that's the way I'll keep it.

Day 18 and 19 ~ Clutter Challenge

Nothing, Nothing, Nothing got done. I had a separate project I was working on. We have a bi-annual kids consignment sale I like to work at and shop at. I have been hanging, pinning and taping to get my items ready. I have a lot of work to do come Sat., but that's what Saturdays are for.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 17 Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bedroom

I am still working on "Sorting ~ the 1st S in the 5s System". I have taken out 2 bags of trash, old clothes or broken items. I am half way done. We are starting to "Straighten ~ or visualize" how we want our room. We are going to move some furniture around as we "Shine".

Problem Areas: 
  • My preschoolers dresser is in my room
  • We have another bookcase in my room that I need to get out
  • We have a corner desk that a little TV sits on. I would like to get that out

I still haven't finished painting my bathroom. I did go shopping today to get some ideas for bathroom storage. I have come to the conclusion that I invent things in my brain and then go shop for them and they don't exist. The only things I can find for bathroom organization are toilet paper holders and shower caddies. I don't want either. I found a plan to build something and it is rated as easy to do. I guess I will get out the power tools Saturday and see just how easy it is.

Day 16 Clutter Challenge ~ Under the Bed

Here is my helper again.
This is what he pulled out from under my bed.

After the initial shock of actually posting my pics, I pulled it together and started "Sorting" through it all. It's amazing how much I had crammed under my bed. I had 2 vinyl bags with photo albums and wedding mementos, movies, my husbands lost hat, etc. I stored my wrapping paper under my bed, I'm going to find a better place. There were clothes and trash stuffed under there. Just shaking my head at all this, but now I have a plan. I am still going to be sorting tomorrow and "Straightening - or visualizing" how I want our room to look, what needs to stay in my room and where it's all going to Live.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 15 ~ 100 Day Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bedroom

These are my problem areas. I have completely neglected my bedroom because it's the door we can close. It is downstairs and next to the laundry room. I have used it to hide everything that needs to be hidden and not as the sanctuary it should be for my husband and I. My problem is "hotspots"(Flylady). The flat surfaces of every room. I will just lay anything down on a flat surface and not put it where it belongs. The main reason I continue to do this, is nothing has a specific place to call home. No home for mail, magazines, papers, school work, books, things I want to save, pictures, movies, etc. Nothing has a permanent home, until now. Everything will have a specific place to be put or I don't keep it. The most important S to me is Straighten because everything gets a home. 

I am starting under the bed. Here are my underbed totes. When I "Sort" I start from the bottom up and  when I "Shine" I start from the top to the bottom.

I needed a little helper to get all the stuff out from under the bed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 14 ~ 100 Day Clutter Challenge *Rest*

     Sunday is the day I go to church and spend time with my parents and in-laws. It is my needed day of rest after a full week. I have really overloaded my weekly schedule. When my children were younger, I would find an activity for all ages and go one place once a week. My children are older now and I want to encourage their individual interests. I have one in dance, they're all starting homeschool softball on Mon. and I encouraged them to try out for a theater production of "Titanic". We homeschool everyday, I teach piano 2 days a week and have church classes on Wed. nights. I know how to say "No" and at the end of April, that's what I'll be saying. ;-)
     Even though I have not finished the Master Bath (Complete pictures should be up this week), I am going to start "Sorting ~ 1st S in the 5s System" my Master Bedroom.
     It is also time to donate and make some money. The totes that I filled from the closet are still in my bedroom. There is a kids consignment sale that happens twice a year in my area and it is this Fri. and Sat. I have items that I've been hiding in my closet for this sale, so I can say goodbye to those.
     I am also going to list a few things on eBay this week. I like to start and end my items on either Sun. or Thurs. night. I will post more about selling on eBay later this week.

If you have been joining me, I would love to see the transformations you have been making around your house using the 5s System. 
This is my before Master Bedroom picture

Day 13 ~ 100 Day Clutter Challenge

I got the accent wall painted a nice shade of Cottonwood. It's a very neutral color. I said I have paint color commitment issues. We painted some Kilz on the beautiful artwork from my four year old and am ready to roll the rest.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 12 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Blue Tape Up

Blue Tape is Up!

    You know what that means, it's time to paint. My husband and I went to a marriage conference last night and today. We didn't get anything done in the bathroom. This 5s System is about real life. I gave myself a goal I'm working against, but I am not going to be discouraged or disappointed if I get sidetracked. My children have been passing sniffles back and forth this week. I wasn't feeling good one day and I am certainly going to enjoy time with my husband and investing in our future together. This bathroom project will just have to wait.
I will give you some hints and tips about the deep cleaning I did: 
  1. Shower Head ~ If you soak the shower head in a mix of vinegar and water, it will help the the deposits off for a smoother water flow.
  2. Corners~ If you use an old toothbrush, it gets the corners of tubs, floors and around toilets
  3. Chrome~ Mix vinegar and water to wash chrome for that just cleaned shine. Make sure you rinse well so no corrosion occurs
  4. Mirror ~ I use glass cleaner with a dry cloth, not a paper towel, for a streak free clean. You can use a mix of vinegar and water for a "green clean".
  5. Tub/Shower ~ I used a Martha Stewart tub scrub for our shower. My son actually used a plastic spatula to scrape of the soap scum. Whatever works.
  6. Molding ~ Wrap a microfiber cloth around the end of your broom to reach the cobwebs and get the baseboards. 
  7. Rust ~ If you have any rust around your drains, use a commercial grade rust remover or try a paste made of borax moistened with lemon juice.
  8. Shower curtain ~ I have a fabric curtain with a plastic lining. The fabric curtain gets thrown in the wash. I cut the seam off the bottom of the plastic curtain so the water has no place to catch and grow mold. 
  9. Toilet ~ I use Comet. For tough stains, bleach can be added. You can also put a 1/4 cup of Borax and leave over night, swish and clean in the morning. For tough stains, you can use extra fine steel wool or wet-dry sandpaper.  
The best thing to do with showers and toilets is to give them a swish and squeegee. According to the FlyLady
have your cleaning supplies in the bathroom and before you leave, wipe down your shower and swish your toilet bowl with the brush and you have a clean again bathroom in less than 1 minute.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 11 ~ Clutter Challenge Master Bath

Today was all about the "Shine"

   I needed to finish the cleaning before I start my painting. Nothing like painting next to baseboards or window sills and your paint brush end up having dirt on the end. I got the toilets, shower (using a cleaning recipe from Martha Stewart here), sinks, counters, under the counters, mirror and I have the floors left to do.
   I found some mold or mildew above the shower and I have to kill that with bleach before I can paint over it.
   I also found some water damage under the sinks. (See, Shine - the 3rd S, is all about close inspection and seeing if anything needs to be repaired). I saw somewhere (would love to give credit if I find it again), if I lay laminate squares in the cabinets, I can protect the bottom from any water damage or products spilling.
Martha Stewart Soap Scum Recipe. It worked really well. I had a build-up, so it took a lot of elbow grease (my sons elbows ;-) ). The bottom of the tub looks amazing, now I have to work the recipe up the walls. She recommends vinegar on the chrome for that just cleaned shine. Be sure to rinse it off thoroughly to prevent corrosion. 
I used my nifty, micro-fiber covered broom to get the baseboards

My Color Place Semi-Gloss in Cottonwood and Historic Antique Lace
   Tomorrow, I paint. After it dries, I should have all the organizers in place and return my products to their new, labeled home.