Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 52 ~ Clutter Challenge

All Shined Up!
Shine is giving your area a deep cleaning. When you deep clean, you find things that may be improved upon or need to be fixed. I thing this bathroom is in good working order.
  • I started at the top and cleaned all the corners for webs.
  • Cleaned the mirror
  • Cleaned the sink
  • Cleaned the drawers and under the cabinets
  • Wiped the cabinets down
  • Wiped the door and window frames 
  • Wiped the light switch and door knob
  • Cleaned the toilet and tank
  • Wiped the baseboards
  • Mopped the Floor
To clean, I use Green Works when I can or Vinegar and Baking Soda. For tougher stains I'll use 409 or Comet. I love the micro-fiber clothes. For the mirror, I spray with Windex and use a dry wash cloth to clean it. I found it leaves fewer streaks than a wet cloth or paper towel.

I have a shelf I am going to hang, but need to get the matching hardware. I will post complete pictures as soon as I get my curtain hung. I am not going to label anything in this bathroom. Under the cabinet is for toilet paper and beach/swim towels and pool bag. Everything should be there and ready to go when the pools open up.

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