Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 36 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Laundry Room 1st S "Sort"

Laundry Room ~ Before

Organized School Supplies
     Beside the Master Bedroom is the Laundry Room. My laundry room is a catch-all room, also. When we first moved into this house, I had a vision for this Laundry room. It was the first house we lived in that had a Laundry room. I saw a wall of shelves to the left and a broom closet for the broom, mop and large enough for a vacuum. There was a hanging area for clothes already, then I got pregnant. My first trimester plus a few weeks, consists of me sitting in a chair, laying in bed or in the bathroom. I realize some of you ladies have a worse time and I do feel for you, but I am so thankful God helps us to forget when that little bundle comes along. Anyway, while I wasn't feeling good, my husband and older children had to run things. We had 4 children under 10 and laundry was an everyday event. My husband made my laundry work for him. He added a basket system, sock boxes on the wall and a counter top he found in the attic. Everyone lived out of the laundry room, not their dressers.

     When I felt better, I wasn't happy with what he did, because it wasn't my vision, but I worked with it. I did like the countertop, but it was another flat surface "hotspot" that I was happy to lay stuff on. I treated it like an office/school room. As my children grew and there clothes got bigger and heavier, the little baskets were collapsing under the weight. We put their clothes back in the dressers in their rooms and they started putting their socks in their dresser. I now have some wasted space in my Laundry room. So, I am realizing my vision this next week or two. I'm creating the Laundry room with shelving and a broom closet, I have always wanted.

     Where do I start?, with the first s "Sorting".

    I started organizing my school supplies today. The supplies were in my Master Bedroom Closet, but I knew that was one thing I didn't want to go back into my closet. I set them in the Laundry room for the time being, knowing I would get to them soon enough. I organized all the school and art supplies into 2 totes, labeled them and slid them under my bed.

     Tomorrow, I am going to tackle all of the bottles over the washer/dryer.  We have turtle food and haven't had a turtle for a few years. There are probably empty bottles and out of date bottles, so that's a great place to start.

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