Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 45 - 48 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Spring Break

I am taking a Spring Break. We all need a break from everyday life. I will come back refreshed and renewed with a brand new outlook for my home. I am going to work on making my Laundry Room pretty, instead of so blah, then I'll post my complete pictures.

After my break, I am going to work on our half-bath at the front door. Then, I am going to start upstairs in the kids rooms, with their help, of course. It's time for the seasonal clothes change and I need to get hand-me-downs from the attic. I will pass on my tips for organizing a seasonal clothes change with ease.

If your break is over, continue with the 5s System; Sort, Standardize, Shine, Systemize and Sustain!

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