Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 43 ~ Laundry Room Shined

My Laundry Room is all "Shined Up"

My brooms are hanging and not just piled up behind the doors
    Like I said before, this one was all on my husband. I just stayed out of his way. I shared my vision and he realized it. Now I need to move onto the next "S ~ Systemize" I need to label the shelves and group all of my cleaning products. My husband just put everything in the cabinets, to make sure they would fit, and closed the doors. Labeling will help everyone know where everything goes after they use it.
    I had 2 laundry baskets in the floor to catch all the extra's we find around the house; socks, shirts, shorts, etc. I only want dish towels and tablecloths to be held in the laundry room until they get washed. In the bottom of the large cabinet are black baskets that I'll be able to label for the dish towels. Everything else has it's own place to go. If the kids socks are found on the floor, they need to make it into the kids laundry basket. It should help keep my Laundry Room look more organized and be a more usable space. 

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