Tuesday, February 21, 2012

100 Day Clutter Challenge

100 Day Challenge ~ Clean Out Your Clutter    

     Join me in this challenge to regain order in your home. I am going to teach how to use the 5s System. The 5s System is based on the Japanese workplace organization and housekeeping methodology. Japanese streamline their work environment using five Japanese words that begin with S: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, shitsuke. When this method made its way to the western world, is not known, but may be as far back as the 16th century. The ideas are believed to have been brought here to help organize the shipyards assembly line. Companies like Toyota and Ford (for their car assembly lines) and PigglyWiggly (for it's inventory) adopted this method for Quality Assurance. Employees developed pride and efficiency when they kept an organized workspace, kept waste to a minimum and knew they were essential to the process and end product. The employer recognized that more order in the workplace added up to timely outcomes, meeting deadlines and a genuine pride for their workers.
    The 5s system translated to English is:

     I am going to teach you each week, in little bites, how to apply this 5s System to your home. How to reclaim your home from the stuff that has accumulated. How to develop good habits to keep your home clutter free. How to keep the things you need in an orderly manner, so you can find them when you need them. You will be creating an environment that you can be productive and creative in.  I will teach you how to get your children involved. You will train and discipline them so these practices become a part of their life (their future husbands  and wives will thank you).
   There is one blog I read that encourages me to keep my house 15 minutes ready, for having people over. In other words, if someone calls and just wants to visit, I should be able to sweep through and put things where they belong and be ready to have guests over. I have the areas that guests see in order, but I close the doors to the other areas of the house. My husband, in his sneaky but loving way, knows that I am a bit if a procrastinator but work great against a time crunch. If he sees that I am running behind in the cleaning department he will say, "I was thinking about asking my family over for lunch this Sunday, what do you think?" I love his family and think its a great idea and immediately start cleaning. He knows to give me a few days because if he asks me at the last minute, I will say no and I don't want that to ever be my answer. I want to be a gracious host and say, "Yes".
    I am starting at the very beginning, with most of you (Pictures below to prove it. I really had to swallow my pride to show all my junk). I am going to start in my bedroom. It should be the sanctuary my husband and I retreat to every night. We should be able to unwind in our room after our day, but I have used it as my dumping spot. The laundry room is next door, so I use my bed to fold and sort. I am not going to let this stuff crowd out my dreams, anymore.
My bedroom: Before

My Laundry Room: Before
    Come and Join me on this 100 Day Challenge. I am going to post each area I am decluttering and organizing. I will share helpful hints and tips I find on this journey. I will share picture by picture how-to's, if I make anything that helps me out. I will also be posting suggestions on how to bless others with your stuff or  "How to Make Money" with the things you just don't love anymore. I will also be posting ideas on how to bless your home and your family. I am not a decorator and do not enjoy shopping (I know, I know, what is wrong with me) but I will commit to adding a few pictures on the wall, some sconces or anything else that will add to the blessing. I can't wait to see the After Pictures :)

   I am starting my journey on Feb. 27, 2012.  Come and Join Me!

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