Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Second S ~ Seiton

The second S in the 5s system is Seiton
     Seiton means to Straighten or set in order. Seiton is focused on creating efficiency in the workplace by arranging the tools, equipment and parts after a manner that will promote proper work flow. The tools should be placed in an area that promotes work flow and are easy to find for specific job responsibilities.
    How do you go about "setting in order" your home? Everything has a place; everything in its place. At this time you are creating "visual order". You are thinking about where everything will go. The primary reason for this step, is to make sure of the proper placement of your things. This is to insure that all of your items, that have a certain job, are in a specific place so it's easily accessible. How will you arrange your belongings to help your day flow smoother. How do you straighten them so they are easy to find, quick to grab and easily returned when your done.
     As for my closet, my first clutter attack, I plan on having the clothes my husband and I wear easily accessible. Our right sizes need to be wear we can get to them (I have had 5 children so there are a lot of different sizes in my closet). I may even set them in order by work and weekend clothes. I have a few cute ideas for shoes and I will also need to straighten the shelves above the clothes. My closet has been a catch-all for these past 6 years. We have 2 bookcases in my closet, school books and supplies, board games, preschool supplies, luggage and who knows what else I'll find in there. During this straightening process, I will have to make a decision, "What actually belongs in my bedroom closet."
   Most importantly, you will have to think about and establish a routine that will keep your home looking this way when you have finished.

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