Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 1 of the 100 Day Clutter Challenge ~ Master Closet

We are in the Master Closet this week. 
WOW! This is the first day of the rest of my organized life :-)
  Don't be overwhelmed by the assignments I give for the week. You may get more done in one day or none at all on another. I have a son who is sick, and he may take up more of my time tomorrow than I had intended. That's OK. I am trying, over the next 100 days, to make a lasting change to my home. I believe by getting organized I can save money and time. I will save money by knowing if I am running low on something, instead of not seeing it hiding behind a box of cereal and buying more anyway. I will save time by knowing where to look for something. I will not have to rip drawers and cabinets apart, because I know it must be here somewhere. We are going to streamline our homes, together.

Week 1 - Master Bedroom

   I picked the Master Bedroom because I want to bless my husband and I first. I want to have a serene room to go to at the end of the day. I want to clear away the clutter, cobwebs and dust bunnies and have a beautiful room to relax in with my hubby.
   The time schedule will be different for each person, that's OK. It is a guesstimate, because I am not sure what I will get done each day. I am starting with the closet so I will have a place to "systemize" my clothes. I may have to spend all week here, in just my closet.
  • Mon. ~  "Sort" through all my items and begin "straightening" or visualizing how my closet would best work for my husband and I.
  • Tues. ~  Every item must be allocated a place for safe keeping. I may need to add labeled baskets, holders or  shelves.
  • Wed. ~ "Shine" It's  Deep Cleaning day. I am going to clean my closet myself, but every other area will be broken up among all family members. Everyone should see their home through the eyes of a visitor - always thinking if it is clean enough to make a guest feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Thurs. ~ Continue Shining (vacuuming, sweeping, clean baseboards, clean crown molding and corners, dust any furniture or shelving, spot paint/magic eraser scuffs on walls or paint the whole room. Replace all the items back to their permanent location.
  • Fri. ~ Finish putting back your items. When you have finished, take a picture of the room or closet and post it on the wall or in 5s System NoteBook. This picture will hold you and your family accountable, with no excuses, to how you expect that room to look. 
  • Sat. ~ If you need more time for your room or area, find a little time between the needs of your family, to put the final touches on it and remember to take that finished picture.  
  • Sun. ~ This is my Day of Rest. This is the day I go to church, eat lunch and dinner with the Grandparents and just spend time with my family. I have worked hard enough this week, so I take this day to recoup.
 Try and set little, bite size goals each morning. You may need to set a specific time to work on the closet (4:00pm or naptime), or maybe you just need to set an amount of time, like I will set aside 30 minutes today. There is no wrong way, but you will find what will work for you. You are going to be so happy with your home and family when you have finished these 100 days.

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