Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Fifth S ~ Shitsuke

The fith S is the 5s System is Shitsuke
   Shitsuke means Sustaining or training, upbringing and discipline. Shitsuke is the final phase in the 5 S methodology and it refers to the maintaining and reviewing of standards. Once you have properly established the other steps in the 5 S methodology, you will maintain this new way of operating. This step will help you eliminate the need for a gradual decline back to the old ways of operating.
   What does this mean to you and your home? The first is training. You will need to instruct and direct your family in their work. Next, is discipline. Discipline is for you, not your family. It is for you to continue in this ever improving organization which will require continual standardization.
   Clear standards allow people to simplify decisions and make the right ones. Red means Stop ~ Green means Go ~ Yellow means 1. Caution  2. Speed up so you can get through. Uncertainty ruins your good standards. It's your job as the manager to remove uncertainty, and simplify the way you run your home. Shitsuke allows the 5s System become a routine way of life.
   This is how the complete 5s System works. Each part works with each other, they don't compete. It doesn't take much time to implement and with a little effort, you will see immediate changes. Your home will not only look nice, but it will help improve its function for your family. The end result will be the home you've always wanted.

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