Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Fourth S ~ Seiketsu

The fourth S in the 5s System is Seiketsu
   Seiketsu means Standardizing or making clear standards. Having a standardized work practice in place will allow your company to operate in a consistent or standardized manner. Everyone in your company will know exactly what their job description is and know how they fit into the 5 S methodology.
   How do you standardize your home? You are the one that has expectations for your home. Your next job is to make these expectations known to yourself and your family. You need to decide what is important to you. Is it important that you or your husband come home to a clean living room and kitchen? Is it important that your children make their beds and pick up their rooms before school? Is it important that dinner be ready every night at a certain time?
    You need to develop routines for yourself and your family.  It's necessary to bring a little structure and order to your day. If you want to get everything done, in what feels like a day that flies by, you need to develop some good, routine habits. This is where you get your husband and children involved. They are going to assigned daily routines and weekly chores. Once these routines have been set in order, it is up to you to see how well they are doing and encouraging them in there everyday tasks, even during the day-to-day messes, like little brothers and sisters tend to make.
   You are the manager of your home. I will help you come up with a daily schedule. I will help you establish routines and good habits in your home. I will have free downloads of daily schedules, weekly schedules, chore charts, menu planning, etc.  We will make sure everyone knows their responsibilities and how to complete their jobs, so no one is creating a messy environment.

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