Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 2 ~ Clutter Challenge

It's coming along. We had little, homemade shelves under the clothes and had 3 bookshelves filled with stuff. It takes a while to go through 6 years of accumulation. 

Look what I found, my baton. I used to be a twirl girl :)
Tuesdays are probably my busiest day of the week. I am still in the sorting phase but making progress. Have you finished sorting? If you have, start the 2nd S ~ Straighten. Visualize the place you are going to put your items, their permanent place. Make a list of things you may need to organize and label your closet, or the space you are working in. Before you start buying anything, see if there are items around your house you aren't using and could repurpose; like baskets, trays or boxes. I will talk about the budget I am working with in a few days.

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