Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 15 ~ 100 Day Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bedroom

These are my problem areas. I have completely neglected my bedroom because it's the door we can close. It is downstairs and next to the laundry room. I have used it to hide everything that needs to be hidden and not as the sanctuary it should be for my husband and I. My problem is "hotspots"(Flylady). The flat surfaces of every room. I will just lay anything down on a flat surface and not put it where it belongs. The main reason I continue to do this, is nothing has a specific place to call home. No home for mail, magazines, papers, school work, books, things I want to save, pictures, movies, etc. Nothing has a permanent home, until now. Everything will have a specific place to be put or I don't keep it. The most important S to me is Straighten because everything gets a home. 

I am starting under the bed. Here are my underbed totes. When I "Sort" I start from the bottom up and  when I "Shine" I start from the top to the bottom.

I needed a little helper to get all the stuff out from under the bed.

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