Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 10 Clutter Challenge - Master Bath

Picking Paint Colors
Martha Stewart Idea

Martha Stewart Idea ~ Shelf Separators
   Like I said before, I am not a decorator. I have a yellowish-green in my kitchen (that was supposed to be a beautiful olive green) that I told my husband go ahead and paint it that color since I already bought it. I walked around the store with the curtains I bought for my kitchen and matched them to the color, that matched in the bright lights of the store. I purchased the paint then, not bringing home the color samples to tape on my wall. We started painting and immediately I asked myself, "What happened to the beautiful olive green I bought? Did they mix the wrong color?" No, it just looks different in the store than in my kitchen. See my taped color samples, lesson learned. I still have a problem committing to color and caution to the lighter colors.
   This bathroom and our half-bath are rooms I have already decided I am going to paint. There are upgrades we want to do in the bath, but not during this project.
   I have spent some time this day looking for organizational tools that could help me. I visited and love her trio towel bar for the back of the door. I saw wicker baskets hanging on the wall with rolled towels placed neatly in them. I am going to have my husband help me this weekend make the, under the counter organizer, because I am power tool challenged. I am pretty happy with the progress so far.

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