Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 11 ~ Clutter Challenge Master Bath

Today was all about the "Shine"

   I needed to finish the cleaning before I start my painting. Nothing like painting next to baseboards or window sills and your paint brush end up having dirt on the end. I got the toilets, shower (using a cleaning recipe from Martha Stewart here), sinks, counters, under the counters, mirror and I have the floors left to do.
   I found some mold or mildew above the shower and I have to kill that with bleach before I can paint over it.
   I also found some water damage under the sinks. (See, Shine - the 3rd S, is all about close inspection and seeing if anything needs to be repaired). I saw somewhere (would love to give credit if I find it again), if I lay laminate squares in the cabinets, I can protect the bottom from any water damage or products spilling.
Martha Stewart Soap Scum Recipe. It worked really well. I had a build-up, so it took a lot of elbow grease (my sons elbows ;-) ). The bottom of the tub looks amazing, now I have to work the recipe up the walls. She recommends vinegar on the chrome for that just cleaned shine. Be sure to rinse it off thoroughly to prevent corrosion. 
I used my nifty, micro-fiber covered broom to get the baseboards

My Color Place Semi-Gloss in Cottonwood and Historic Antique Lace
   Tomorrow, I paint. After it dries, I should have all the organizers in place and return my products to their new, labeled home.

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