Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 7 ~ Day of Rest

   I have accomplished alot this week. I was able to stick to the schedule, for the most part, and get a few steps closer to an organized life.
   My husband was able to finish one side of the closet and will move onto the other side when his schedule allows.
   This week, I will start working on the Master Bathroom. My room has piles and totes that need to go into the closet, so I will get to that later. I am going to start with the first S ~ Sort, on my bathroom, Monday.
    If your bathroom or closet are already the way you like, make an inventory of your items and label where you would like everything put back if someone "borrows" them. You can also branch off on your own to your cluttered areas and apply the 5s System. It repeats through your whole house.
   I have some great ideas for the bathroom. Storage ideas, tips on cleaning and organizing your Master Bathroom. Set a time to work at least 15-20 minutes on "Sorting" your bathroom. You can do anything, for 15 minutes.

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