Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 6 ~ Clutter Challenge

   Last night, we were still "visualizing our closet". What it came down to was, what do we want to go back into our closet. We want our clothes, our shoes, bags, etc. Items I don't want to come back to the closet are sheets and blankets for our bed, books or movies, board games, pictures or wrapping paper and probably a few other items I can't think of at the time.
  Well, we had a plan for our closet and went shopping this morning. We went to our local hardware stores for our options. There were very nice, wooden units with shelves, poles and drawers that were a little more than we wanted to spend ($800). The next choice was piecing our closet together a la carte. Every shelf, track, pole and drawer built out just the way we want it ($500). Again, too much for our wallet. Our third choice was a metal closet unit ($159), we would need 2, but it was closer to our price range. It was very sturdy and held a lot of weight, but I wasn't real happy with metal look. I prefer a wooden look in my closet, even though it's just my husband and I that see it. Our last choice was to use what we have and just add more storage using cubical organizers. That is what we decided on. We are going to stack cubical organizers (espresso wood) on both sides of the closet and add the hanging poles, we already have, to the organizer. It cost about $200, which was in our budget. It should meet the needs of our closet, but we can tweak it if we have to.

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