Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 29 of the 100 Day Clutter Challenge ~ Shine My Room

   Remember this little, micro-fiber covered guy. Yes, I started "Shining" from the top. I swirled around the ceiling and corners with this little broom number. I used a micro-fiber cloth to clean the tops of the door frames and my ceiling fan. I found a site that keeps all the dust to a minimum at Family Balance using a pillow case. Before I found her site, I used a cleaner and a soft cloth. I just climbed on my bed to reach it, but be careful if you need to use a step ladder or chair.
Ceiling Fan Tips:
* Never spray anything directly on the blades. It could float into the motor and ruin your ceiling fan. Your ceiling fan will run better if you have a weekly/bi-weekly cleaning.

*Thick dust can put a strain on your motor.

*Don't forget your light fixtures. You can even remove your motor casing and vacuum around the gears.

*You can vacuum the blades with an attachment if your hose is long enough. Please don't carry your vacuum up a step ladder.

*To protect your blades from dust, you can apply a hard car wax.

Tomorrow, I am moving on down the walls and attacking the large glass doors. 

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