Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 12 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Blue Tape Up

Blue Tape is Up!

    You know what that means, it's time to paint. My husband and I went to a marriage conference last night and today. We didn't get anything done in the bathroom. This 5s System is about real life. I gave myself a goal I'm working against, but I am not going to be discouraged or disappointed if I get sidetracked. My children have been passing sniffles back and forth this week. I wasn't feeling good one day and I am certainly going to enjoy time with my husband and investing in our future together. This bathroom project will just have to wait.
I will give you some hints and tips about the deep cleaning I did: 
  1. Shower Head ~ If you soak the shower head in a mix of vinegar and water, it will help the the deposits off for a smoother water flow.
  2. Corners~ If you use an old toothbrush, it gets the corners of tubs, floors and around toilets
  3. Chrome~ Mix vinegar and water to wash chrome for that just cleaned shine. Make sure you rinse well so no corrosion occurs
  4. Mirror ~ I use glass cleaner with a dry cloth, not a paper towel, for a streak free clean. You can use a mix of vinegar and water for a "green clean".
  5. Tub/Shower ~ I used a Martha Stewart tub scrub for our shower. My son actually used a plastic spatula to scrape of the soap scum. Whatever works.
  6. Molding ~ Wrap a microfiber cloth around the end of your broom to reach the cobwebs and get the baseboards. 
  7. Rust ~ If you have any rust around your drains, use a commercial grade rust remover or try a paste made of borax moistened with lemon juice.
  8. Shower curtain ~ I have a fabric curtain with a plastic lining. The fabric curtain gets thrown in the wash. I cut the seam off the bottom of the plastic curtain so the water has no place to catch and grow mold. 
  9. Toilet ~ I use Comet. For tough stains, bleach can be added. You can also put a 1/4 cup of Borax and leave over night, swish and clean in the morning. For tough stains, you can use extra fine steel wool or wet-dry sandpaper.  
The best thing to do with showers and toilets is to give them a swish and squeegee. According to the FlyLady
have your cleaning supplies in the bathroom and before you leave, wipe down your shower and swish your toilet bowl with the brush and you have a clean again bathroom in less than 1 minute.  

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