Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 17 Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bedroom

I am still working on "Sorting ~ the 1st S in the 5s System". I have taken out 2 bags of trash, old clothes or broken items. I am half way done. We are starting to "Straighten ~ or visualize" how we want our room. We are going to move some furniture around as we "Shine".

Problem Areas: 
  • My preschoolers dresser is in my room
  • We have another bookcase in my room that I need to get out
  • We have a corner desk that a little TV sits on. I would like to get that out

I still haven't finished painting my bathroom. I did go shopping today to get some ideas for bathroom storage. I have come to the conclusion that I invent things in my brain and then go shop for them and they don't exist. The only things I can find for bathroom organization are toilet paper holders and shower caddies. I don't want either. I found a plan to build something and it is rated as easy to do. I guess I will get out the power tools Saturday and see just how easy it is.

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