Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 30 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Shine Glass Door

Today, I "Shined" the sliding glass doors in my Master Bedroom.

  • First, I start at the top, so the dirt can fall to the floor. I wipe across the top with a micro-fiber cloth and down the sides of the door frame.
  •  Next, I spray the window with window cleaner from top to bottom. I use a dry towel to wipe it clean. You can use a squeegee to dry off any leftover wetness. 
  • If you have any tough places to clean, you made need to use a razor blade to scrape it off.
  •  I wipe the cleaner off the bottom of the door. I have a little deck through this door so I repeat the process on the outside.
  • Now for the track the door slides in. I had some gunk in my track, so I started with the vacuum and the skinny attachment.
  •  Next, I used a micro-fiber cloth to attract the little stuff.
  •  Finally, I used a Q-tip to get in the tight corners.
  •  I read if you use a waterproof sliding door sealant or WD40, the door will slide smooth.
  •  If your door doesn't slide smooth, you may need to replace the track wheels, they may be worn out. 
Tomorrow, I am going to polish the furniture and vacuum the floors. I will probably have to wait until this weekend to move furniture with my husband. Then, the grand complete picture.

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