Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 8 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Master Bath

Before: Sink Area

Before: Under Right Cabinet

Before: Under Left Cabinet

Before: Other Side of Bathroom (yes, my preschooler was trying to display his art work under the towel bar)

Before: Bathroom Drawers
Our Master Bath is not large, but I have just put stuff here and there. I don't have a linen closet, but like to have what we need for the bathroom, accessible. What's the first S of the 5s System "Sort".
  • Monday~I am going to get everything out of the cabinets and drawers "first S - Sort"
  • Tuesday~ I am going to figure out what needs to stay and what needs to go. "second S - Straighten". Everything in my bathroom needs a permanent home. Where will that home be? Do I need anything in baskets? Where will my hair dryer and curling iron go? Should my hair dryer keep hanging on the towel bar? Where do we hang our wet towels? Do I need to build anything to help organize (I found a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest). Begin the "third S- Shine". I like to start "Shining" from the top to the bottom. I will begin getting the cobwebs out of the corners and work down to the window sill.
  • Wednesday~Continue Shining. Countertops, toilet, sinks, tub and then floor will be deep cleaned. I will be giving hints and tips to get rid of the soap scum, get streak-free mirrors and other problem areas I come across. I will begin painting my bathroom after the area is clean. Part of shining, is doing the things you have been meaning to do, but never made time for. No better time than the present.  
  •  Thursday~By Thursday, I should be able to put everything back in it's new place and label its home, so everyone knows where everything goes. The "fourth S ~ Standardize" should be finished today.
  •  Friday~Today, "fifth S - Sustain". My husband and I will agree where everything will go and agree to put everything back where we got it from. 

I am still working on my closet at the same time. I am almost finished. I have one more tote of things I am deciding on. Does this item go back in my closet or not? Finished pictures coming soon.

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