Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 9 ~ Clutter Challenge Master Bath "Sort-1st S"

Left Side of Sink Sorted...Drawers Sorted
Right Side of Sink Sorted
   Our Master Bath is small. It didn't take too long. I did manage to throw out a half bag of garbage. Half empty bottles of lotion and shampoo, expired products, old razors, old makeup, etc.
   Once I pulled everything out of the bathroom, I could "Straighten~2nd S" or visualize how I wanted my bathroom to look. I needed to answer the age old questions, "Where should I put my wet towels? and "Where do I hang my hair dryer?" I found an organizational idea on Pinterest (I'll give credit for the idea if I can find it again) for my hair dryer and curling iron using PVC pipe. I also found an idea here. for making my own under counter, basket system for the bathroom. I don't do a lot of DIY projects, but I know we have some scrap wood I could glue together. 
  I started my 3rd S "Shine". I cleaned the cobwebs off the ceiling and cleaned the window and blinds. Inspecting the top of the shower wall, I saw a little mildew I need to kill with some bleach. My goal tomorrow is to pick a paint color, because this is a room that needs some painting and finish "Shining" to the floor.

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