Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Master Closet 5s System COMPLETE

Before ~ Master Closet
  Wow! I can't even believe the difference a week can make. This is the before and after of my Master Closet. It feels like we have so much more room. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.
  You may be wondering what happened to all of the stuff in the closet. I filled my totes plus a few bags. The books have been moved into my laundry room. I am going to convert a cubical storage unit we already have from being our sock box to place to hold school supplies and books. I also had a box of framed family photos that I am trying to figure out where to hang them.
  We couldn't decide on the bookcase on the back wall. We want to paint the wood trim the same espresso color of the storage unit, but that will have to wait. I am on to my next area of attack. 
Here is the 5s System at Work:

1st S  ~ Sort : I pulled everything out of the closet that I could. All clothes, games, books, there were just a few pieces of furniture I couldn't move on my own.
2nd S ~ Straighten or Visualize : I needed more storage in the closet. All I had was a long bar for clothes and a long shelf over that. I wanted to add cube storage. I decided, at this time, what I wanted to put back in the closet and what didn't belong.
3rd S ~ Shine : I dusted from top to bottom, wiped the baseboards and vacuumed.
4th S ~ Systemize : I labeled my new cube storage bins so we would be able to find what we need quickly and know where the items go back to.
5th S ~ Sustain : I have a picture in my 5s Housekeeping Binder to remind me how the Master Closet should look and created a regular cleaning schedule.
After ~ Master Closet

Storage Cubical System we put together and labeled. I didn't realize the collapsible boxes I got were smaller, but they were 3 for $3.50 and I made it work.
I took out 3 bins of clothes, purses, shoes and items to donate or sell. One bag of my husbands clothes and 2 bags of trash or broken, unneeded items.
Let's see your completed projects!

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