Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100 Day Clutter Challenge Budget

    I mentally went through every room thinking of what I have wanted to do for a long time, saw something that needed to be done or a problem area that I could quickly fix with an item I have (like an empty tote or basket) or will need to purchase. I plan on spending some of our tax return and just getting my house in order. This is a huge undertaking. You may want to set your own pace. The 5s System works in any room and any house. I am just ready to get my house in order and blogging about it is keeping me accountable. My husband is on board and is happy I have started this project. He is doing what he can to help.  In the long run, it's going to save us money, time and if we train our children to follow the 5s routine, save us words and headache.
   My budget is $1,000. Hopefully, I will come way under budget. I am going to use what I have on hand first. Second, I will go to thrift stores or yard sales to find organizing items. Lastly, I will purchase items I need from a retail store.

Here is the link to the budget spreadsheet. 

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