Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 21 ~ Clutter Challenge ~ Day of Rest

   Spending the day in church and with family. I was asked to teach our Jesus Little Lambs class, 18m - 6yrs. We have a relatively small church, about 150 members. I had 16 children and 1 helper. We studied a little about St. Patrick's Day, since it was yesterday. We studied St. Patrick's life and how he used the Shamrock to explain the Trinity. God is 3 persons in one, like there are three leaves on 1, 3-leaf clover. We sang a little song and went on a treasure hunt, to get out some energy and then it was time to be picked up.
   I am staying in the Master Bedroom this week. I have 3 more "hotspots" (flat surfaces) to clear up. I am still "Sorting". Next, is Straightening or visualizing where I want my furniture. I have a long rectangle room, but not very wide. I am hoping to get a bookcase, preschoolers dresser and corner desk out of my room and move my bed and dresser around. Then, the big "Shine".

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