Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 14 ~ 100 Day Clutter Challenge *Rest*

     Sunday is the day I go to church and spend time with my parents and in-laws. It is my needed day of rest after a full week. I have really overloaded my weekly schedule. When my children were younger, I would find an activity for all ages and go one place once a week. My children are older now and I want to encourage their individual interests. I have one in dance, they're all starting homeschool softball on Mon. and I encouraged them to try out for a theater production of "Titanic". We homeschool everyday, I teach piano 2 days a week and have church classes on Wed. nights. I know how to say "No" and at the end of April, that's what I'll be saying. ;-)
     Even though I have not finished the Master Bath (Complete pictures should be up this week), I am going to start "Sorting ~ 1st S in the 5s System" my Master Bedroom.
     It is also time to donate and make some money. The totes that I filled from the closet are still in my bedroom. There is a kids consignment sale that happens twice a year in my area and it is this Fri. and Sat. I have items that I've been hiding in my closet for this sale, so I can say goodbye to those.
     I am also going to list a few things on eBay this week. I like to start and end my items on either Sun. or Thurs. night. I will post more about selling on eBay later this week.

If you have been joining me, I would love to see the transformations you have been making around your house using the 5s System. 
This is my before Master Bedroom picture

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